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Artisan Stamps by Graphic Fabrics for fiber content stamps measure approximately 1″-1.5″ wide by 1/2″ tall. For more details and how to order, see full description below.

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Looking for fiber content stamps to use with your tags, CPSC stamps, or hang tags? These predesigned stamps are crafted on our artisan wood blocks made from hardwood maple, hand cut, sanded, and finished with a matte protective finish, and sizes are scored into the handle to make them easy to find. Stamps have our standard low odor pink rubber and foam padding to create an easy stamping experience.

Use with the Versacraft inkpads and heat set on garment for a permanent print. These can be used on natural fibers, labels, wood, paper, cardstock, and much more!

Artisan Stamp Fiber contents will measure between 1″ – 1.5″ in width to accommodate text. Engraved lettering is 1, 2, or 3 lines high depending on fiber content make up. Each line of text is approximately 1/8″ tall, up to 1/2″ total height for 3 lines.

How to order:
First line is required- enter your fiber content in the text box.
Second line is optional- enter your second fiber content in the text box if applicable.
Third line is optional- enter your third fiber content in the text box if applicable.

Example 1:
100% Cotton
Type “100% Cotton” in first line and leave other 2 blank.

Example 2:
95% Cotton/5% Spandex
Type “95% Cotton” in first line
Type “5% Spandex” in second line

Example 3:
70% Bamboo Viscose 25% Organic Cotton 5% Spandex
Type “70% Bamboo Viscose” in the first line
Type “25% Organic Cotton” in the second line
Type “5% Spandex” in the third line

Text is left aligned horizontally, and center positioned on the block depending on the number of lines. No proofs are required for these, please double check spelling of fiber contents. We cannot fit multiple fiber contents on a single line on these sizes due to stamp size. Please email us for custom order inquiries at info@graphicfabrics.com for more information.

For Canadian Compliance, we can include English/French translations, please email us at info@graphicfabrics.com about a custom order for this service.

Production time varies based on supply availability, our stamp turn around is between 1-3 weeks. If you are ordering with labels, we will ship orders complete.  We ship USPS first class which is 2-5 days, priority 2-3 days, or priority express 1-2 days. Shipment selection does not affect turn around time.


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