Full Color Print Hem Labels


Hem labels are printed in full color and high quality on a super soft 100% Polyester satin ribbon. Delivered Cut and Heat Sealed – Sew these around a hem for custom garment branding. Fully customizable; perfect for product branding and CPSC compliant garment labeling. See description below for more details.


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Select New Order to order a new label design
Select Reorder to order labels from a previous order
Select Modified Reorder to order a previous label but make minor changes (city, website, text, swap logo, etc)

Label Notes

Enter the text to be printed on the labels. Instructions including desired colors and fonts may be included in this area. Free for use fonts can be used, please include the font name and source here.
Reorders: please identify which label design is being reordered, including shop name.

File Upload

Upload files to be used on the labels, including label designs, logo files, image files, or other relevant design files. Acceptable file types include PDF, PNG, and JPEG. Files should be high quality at 300 dpi for best results.

(max file size 256 MB)


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