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SINCE 2015


We pride ourselves in offering you the best full color printing custom label service available.
Our story began in 2012, when we first started learning about the handmade world and the
in’s & out’s of CPSC compliance requirements.

Feeling a bit defeated with the legalities of trying to sell crochet baby hats, I
decided to take on the learning curve of the labeling aspect, and began my research
into finding a solution to the market: full color printed labels that met small business
and CPSC requirements. That meant, labels we could trust to withstand the laundering
required for cloth diapers without fading out, yet soft enough for babies delicate skin.
That also meant, offering labels in quantities that made sense, and not requiring
hundreds or thousands of the same label, for the small business that only makes
a handful of items to take to craft shows.

Through the research and testing phases, we ended up finally opening our little Etsy
shop in 2014, until we became fully official and set up on our own website in 2015.

Since then, we have worked with thousands of handmade makers, big and small!
We have made quite possibly millions of labels, and are taken aback imagining how many
products exist in the world with our own handmade labels on them.
Hand. Made. Every single label we print is handled by our team, as they are hand made, printed
and packaged all from my home office in Northern Georgia!

We have grown from a corner desk in the dining room to taking up the complete lower level of our
family home, however we still are proud to say we are a small business and understand the
needs of other small businesses alike.

So drop us a line!
My name is Nichole (she/her) and I can’t wait to help you with
all of your labeling needs!!
Text (248)266-2109

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