About us

We are label experts for all shops, large and small.  

With our focus on branding small businesses to be the best they can be, we love to create handmade labels for the handmade maker. 

Graphic Fabrics opened in 2015 when Nichole began learning about label regulations and how to sell products legally. Originally named Tiny Gamer on Etsy, Graphic Fabrics soon rebranded and began offering the best full color labels to the modern maker. Nichole began studying label laws and custom printing solutions as a way to create the perfect labels to make labeling easy. Through the eight years in business, she has expanded into various label types while supporting her loyal customer base. Come see what it means to be a friend of the Graphic Fabrics community!


Helping small businesses for over 6 years.


Labels Sold. Ok maybe we’re guessing, but it sure feels like a LOT!


Raving customer reviews.


are better

in color.


Hi! I’m Nichole, and I make labels! I am a creative problem solver, wife, mother to three, and am raising animals on our new mini farm. I love listening to music, drawing, crocheting, and taking pictures of the adventures on our property. Being outdoors is my happy place when I’m not busy creating on the computer.

– Nichole Hoag